SLP - Smart Lightweight Concrete Plant

SLP - Smart Lightweight Concrete Plant

We have develop a series of Smart Light Weight Concrete Plant (SLP) resulted from intensive R&D supported by MOSTI . This plant is powered by mechatronic and artificial intelligence features which will make the production of LWC easy , fast and economical. SLP will be an important tools in IBS industry.

GRN is moving ahead to establish an integrated LWC plant . This plant will be able to produce up to 100m3 of LWC material - 10,000 LWC blocks per day .


The basic concept of the 1SLP1DISTRIC’s program is to effectively benefit the society with an innovative system/products resulted from our local R&D. This program can be categorised within community program under Mesra Rakyat project. The SLP has a great potential in becoming the catalyse towards producing IBS product. In line with the Malaysia National budget 2017 under the Mesra Rakyat project, we would like to propose a unique community program focusing on producing the IBS certified building materials using our newly invented SLP which realistically can benefit the focus group.

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LWC SMART MIXER-SLP2 is a Turnkey Mobile Lightweight Concrete Mixer for producing foamed lightweight concrete. LWC SMART MIXER-SLP2 is designed as a mobile model suitable for worksite with a small demand for lightweight concrete and is movable from site to site. The space allocation for the plant to be set up is not a problem due to its mobile nature.

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About Us

GRN Industries Sdn. Bhd. is a Bumiputera's company establish in 2010. The Company is manage by a group of experience and qualified personnel. We have serves established organizations such as - FMS, E-ldaman, MPPP, JPS, USM, Propel, MPSP and DBKU

The Company owns five intellectual properties (IP) which are now in the market and few others ready to be commercialized

Recent Works

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